Friday, September 08, 2006

Female Viagra

In spite of the essential difference of the sexual mechanisms of men and women, for scientists it was possible to find that very fulcrum, which will help to return drug way happiness of sex to those women, who are deprived of this by the force lowered libido. The development of hormonal- such substance Pt -141, which acts on the receptors of brain, became the main reaching of Canadian scientists thus, increasing sexual inclination in women. The secret of Viagra consists in the fact that the therapeutic action of famous blue tablet is based on physiology. The operating principle is such: the active materials, which are contained in this preparation, enlarge blood vessels, strengthening thus blood flow in the genitalia. This comparatively simple operating principle makes it possible to attain an increase in the potential. In women the brain plays the decisive role; therefore Viagra for the women possibly only with the interference in the hormonal sphere. Also the fundamental difference between the man and female orgasm consists in the fact that for the women the extremely importantly psychoemotional state, adjusted by hormones.